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Gestor de Residuos alimentarios

Purchasing and Selling Plant Products

Purchasing and selling plant products and by-products is one of Skorpeston’s business divisions.

Sunflower oil
Sunflower fatty acids, sunflower oleins, soapstocks.
Rapeseed oil
Rapeseed fatty acids, rapeseed oleins, soapstocks.
Soybean oil
Soybean fatty acids, soybean oleins, soapstocks.
Palm oil
Palm fatty acids, palm oleins, soaps, soapstocks.
Corn oil
Corn fatty acids, oleins.
Cashew nut oil
Cashew nut fatty acids, cashew nut oleins, soapstocks.
Olive oil
Olive fatty acids, olive oleins, soapstocks.
Seed oils | Vegetable oil blend
Fatty acids, oleins, soapstocks.
Biodiesel manufacturing by-product when plant products are used as feedstock.
Fraction resulting from distilling plant fatty acid methyl esters, known as biodiesel.
Distillation pitchesBioliquid
BiofuelMargarineUsed vegetable oil