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Gestor de Residuos alimentarios

Managing Products NOT Avaible for Human Consumption

Here at Skorpeston we know managing and processing waste properly helps ensure it is not wasted.

The numerous applications that can result from it means it can be reused as anything from raw material for animal feed to organic soil products, and much more.

Skorpeston has recycling and management plants for food waste not intended for human consumption, and below are some of the industries where we operate to streamline recovery:


Here at Skorpeston we have food waste recycling lines specifically for:

Canned products – Pickled products – Jams and marmalades

Thanks to our practices, we are able to depackage and process products avoiding contamination.


Hotel chains, and the hospitality and food sales industry in general, need to manage a wide variety of food waste.

Here at Skorpeston we provide the latest in recycling technology along with streamlined waste management with significant total waste management capacity.

We have food waste recycling lines specifically for Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes and other products.

BEVERAGE Waste Management

We Recycle and Recover all kinds of beverages, such as Juices, Musts, Soft Drinks, Milkshakes, Beverages in General and Alcoholic Beverages.

Our beverage recycling plant boasts machines specifically for depackaging glass and cardboard, with a daily processing capacity of 150 tons.

Expired food batches

We are experts at recovering and recycling expired or nearly expired food products which will be taken out of the supply chain.

We provide our services to all food supply chain players and our plant uses special methods to depackage products and recycle both the packaging and the product itself, thus maximising waste recovery.

Mislabelled food batches

In the food industry, it is common for products to be recycled due to labelling errors, mislabelled products or labels that do not match the manufacturer’s corporate strategy, or just defective food product packaging.

Skorpeston takes these products off the market with total confidentiality using technology to separate the food product from its packaging, contributing to achieving recovery rates as close as possible to zero waste.

Customs Waste Management

Skorpeston provides waste destruction and management services to customs offices for batches of products which, for administrative or health reasons, cannot be placed on the market and need to be managed within a set time frame.

This usually requires government or law enforcement supervision, with specific time frames for recycling and destroying the waste.

Please feel free to get in touch with Skorpeston for information about waste management.