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Gestor de Residuos alimentarios

Managing category 3 SANDACH without meat

Managing and processing SANDACH waste properly ensures it is not wasted. The numerous applications that can result from it mean it can be reused as anything from raw material for animal feed to organic fertilizers.

Here at Skorpeston we are experts at managing category 3 SANDACH waste, and we separate category 3 SANDACH not containing meat or meat products, making it easier to recycle by recovering waste for:


We manage and recover all kinds of dairy waste by separating and depackaging to maximise recovery.

We process dairy waste such as:

– liquid milk and/or dairy by-products not intended for human consumption due to (commercial reasons, problems with manufacturing, packaging, or other reasons)
– processed dairy by-products (yogurt and fresh dairy desserts, etc.)
– concentrated and powdered milk, and butter
– cheese


We manage and recover practically 100% (zero waste) of any kind of category 3 SANDACH waste derived from flour by separating and depackaging to maximise recycling.

Some examples of our expertise are:

Waste management for flour, bread, mass-produced baked goods, pasta, as well as confectionary products containing milk and/or eggs.