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Gestor de Residuos alimentarios

Managing category 3 SANDACH with meat

Here are some of the industries in which Skorpeston operates and offers its expertise recovering category 3 SANDACH waste containing meat and meat products.

A large number of products containing meat, meat products or meat by-products may be perfectly good, but since they fail to meet specific marketing requirements or for other commercial reasons, they need to be removed from the market, declared as not intended for human consumption, and then enter Skorpeston’s internal handling chain.

Some of the category 3 products (not intended for human consumption) entering our internal recovery chain include:


As an expert food waste management company, we have plants fitted with processing equipment to recycle and recover:

– meat product waste (palletised, bulk, packaged)
– meat (processed/packaged)
– fatty products
– canned food containing meat
– any products containing meat
– fish
– seafood
– products containing and/or filled with fish or seafood


At our waste management plants, we process all kinds of baking, confectionary, pastry and cake products containing and/or filled with meat or meat by-products.

We use recovery and recycling methods designed specifically for these products, always with the aim of optimising our processes and achieving zero waste.