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Gestor de Residuos alimentarios


The company Skorpeston was established in 2008 with the overarching goal of providing its clients with waste brokerage services for managing and recovering waste.

Over the years, a variety of human activities, industrialisation and consumerism have become an alarming problem and have played a role in the production and accumulation of large amounts of waste, which is taking its toll both financially and emotionally.

Why recycle with Skorpeston?

Skorpeston provides the solution for minimising costs, delays and frustration when it comes to recycling your palletised goods.

Our goal at Skorpeston is to provide our customers with the best tailor-made recycling and waste solutions available on the market.

Thanks to our use of the latest technology, we are the perfect partner for your waste management needs, all while helping to improve environmental recovery.

Food Waste Depackaging and Management

One of the biggest issues companies face when complying with the law is how to store palletised goods declared unfit for human consumption.

Taking proper care along the entire supply chain is crucial for life and by-products.

Skorpeston helps manufacturers, logistics companies, distribution companies and other businesses recover products removed from the market for a variety of reasons (expired, packaging defects, failed quality checks, etc.).

Companies using our waste management services can focus on their business without having to worry about collection, storage, recycling or disposal.

Waste Management Process

Our operations are focused on the handling chain, where all our processes are carried out under strict conditions to stop cross-contamination between products.

Most of the products entering our internal recovery chain are reused, with only a very small percentage becoming waste.

It is essential to consider all aspects relating to work areas, from:

The reception area to the separation line, then on to grinding, crushing, storage, and transfer for later use in industry or to be completely removed from the market.

Since early 2016, Skorpeston has held permits (registration number ESP08503188 and registration number S08076251) granted by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Food of the Generalitat de Catalunya for conducting a variety of operations including transporting, storing and handling category 3 animal by-products, as well as derived products not intended for human consumption.

Barcelona Waste Management

Skorpeston’s waste management and recycling plant is located in Barcelona, a key logistics hub.

From our Barcelona waste management plant we arrange collections across Spain as well as Europe.

We are located in an easy to reach part of the city, making waste transportation easier.

Please feel free to get in touch with Skorpeston if you have any questions.